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150 Mississippi St
San Francisco, CA 94107

The Robot Film Festival is an annual celebration of robots on screen and in performance.



The 6th Annual Robot Film Festival will be in Los Angeles, CA on December 31, 2016!  

This year's theme will be Robots At Play. Robots that spark creativity, robots that ask you to serve them cocktails - robots as companions, partners and relationship thieves! There is a common perception that technology makes us efficient, but technology is a high-maintenance relationship, full of software updates and devices that need us to turn them off and on again. But for all it's trouble, technology is also joyful, playful and full of connection!

So come play with us! 

  • 5-9pm, Hive Gallery, Downtown LA
  • R.S.V.P. HERE *you must R.S.V.P to attend*

This is a New Year's Eve pre-party for robot admirers and robot companions. Kicking off with our bots & booze reception, we will screen 50 minutes of 2016 robot short films Co-hosted by roboticist Heather Knight and chess-boxer Andrew McGregor, the night will be full of gallivanting, robot comedians and technology-based art. Bring a camera and dress to impress!

Can't wait to see you there! :-]

The Robot Film Festival is an annual celebration of robots on screen and in performance. The event features screenings of invited films and juried selections from open-call submissions, live performances by robot entertainers, and a red-carpet awards ceremony.

The first and only event of its kind, the Robot Film Festival was founded in 2011 to inject both artistry and playfulness into traditional robotic engineering and to explore the frontiers of the human-machine relationship. Bi-coastal and in its fifth year, the Festival is more than an annual eventthrough its online video archives and traveling screenings at select venues around the country, the team behind the Robot Film Festival is nurturing a community of creatives and engineers who explore, document, and invent the imaginative world of robotics.